So… You’ve bought a SUPER expensive phone and have no way to protect it…. You’ve come to the right place to find out how to protect it!

The MOST protective option:

The Wrap Case

This case combines a screen protector with a case. Your phone will be indestructible with this case. This is the same style as the LifeProof cases. With some cases, you might get some bubbles, though they are not a big issue. Also, the esthetics on this case are just OK.

The Simple Case

This case provides absolutely no protection. If you drop your phone, it will probably break. Esthetics are good, though.

The Tempered Glass

This “case” or screen protector is pretty good at protection. Esthetics are great and is fairly economical. It is however NOT perfect. The back of the phone is not protected at all. This works in the essence of, when you drop your phone and break it, only the top layer breaks and you can peel it off and put a new one. They only cost $2 on E-Bay.

The Best Case – Bumper Case + Tempered Glass

This is the best option for balance of esthetics, protection, and price. It has the bumper case for the edges and tempered glass for the front.


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