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Hello Everyone! Within a few weeks, I will be releasing a utility where you can answer a few questions to find out what product/service is right for you. More details coming soon… Meanwhile, I found one of the coolest products ever! It’s called the Kangaroo PC and it only costs $99. It is Windows based and has an Intel based CPU. If you are on a budget and need a computer for quick web browsing, this is just for you!


One of the coolest features is the Windows Hello feature. Even with a $99 piece of equipment, Kangaroo managed to fit a fingerprint sensor along with 2GB of RAM.


Another feature this has are docks. You can add these docks onto the device itself. They expand the functionality of the main device. Also, this has a 4 hrs of battery life. Pretty meager compared to other phones, however compared to desktops, it has a great battery! 🙂

Also, you can control this “computer” from you iPad with a lightning connector.

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