Malware can be huge pain for computer users! If you need to remove it, you have come to the perfect place.

Determine the level of infiltration:

Lowest Level: All programs can start and the user is not restricted from using their computer.

Medium Level: Programs can not start, but the user is not restricted from using their computer.

High Level: User can not use computer, no programs start.

Extreme Level: User can not even boot computer.

This article will cover the Lowest Level. The other levels will be in new articles.

Step 1:

Download Malware Bytes and Hitman Pro from these links. If you can not download it, use another computer to download it and put it on a CD/Flash Drive.

Step 2:

Run Malware Bytes and run a DEEP scan. It is very important you run a complete scan. If you do not, the Malware will have remnants.

Step 3:

Run Hitman Pro and clean computer.

Step 4:

Prosper! You have now ridded your computer of viruses. It is SUPER important you make sure the virus scanner is reputable. Most people get viruses by downloading fake virus scanners!

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