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The (IMO) car-of-the-year released a few minutes ago and I have all the details right below:

The Tesla Model 3 is Tesla’s answer to the low-budget electric car market. It retails for 35,000 , and like always, there are no negotiations on that price. Because of Tesla’s no dealer sales model, you have to pay MSRP. However, there are lease and finance options available.

This new car appeals to a much wider audience with wallets of all shapes and sizes. It carries over the tech and design features from the Model S and X, but still manages to be under 35,000


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(Blurry pictures- from the stream)

The design combines features from the X and the S, however, the front is shaped more like the X. Also, it’s a little bit of a taller sedan.

The really impressive part though, is the horsepower and speed. The car can go to 0-60 in less than 6 seconds (with faster models available.). Really impressive stuff Tesla! The electric portion of this car is really starting to shine here!

Also, speaking of the electrics, the Model 3 has a large battery pack, making the sedan go over 215 miles, according to Tesla.

With all the good news, the only thing we didn’t see was the leaked second model, the more slippery low-drag designed model. (But Tesla already said they were only showing off one model.) It’s not that disappointing though, because the Tesla Model 3 is really an amazing car.

This car will also be equipped with autopilot safety features. You can upgrade to the full auto pilot package. Many people are estimating that it will cost. $2,500. The Model 3 can receive a supercharge (standard with all models.) .

Also, safety was a number one priority, and it received five stars in all categories.

Deliveries will be at the end of next year. (2017). Musk says he is fairly confident deliveries will be next year.

What happened at the event?

Elon Musk (showed up on time 🙂 first talked about the company’s progress (how it started out with the Roadster, and has now moved on to the Model S and X). He talked about the carbon footprint from humans, and the Tesla goal to stop that. He also announced that by 2017, the number of superchargers will double to 7,200. Another goal is to get 441 retail locations by the end of 2017.


This article will be updated with full specs once they are released.

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