So… You must be thinking, what’s a car doing on a tech blog. Surprisingly, the Tesla Model X is one of the highest “techy-ist” car currently in the market. The Tesla Model X is decked out with a large 17 inch touchscreen, which is the control center for most of the car. There are only a few buttons on the car. The touchscreen replaces all the other functions of the car.


Also, the Tesla Model X can be decked out with LiDAR sensors that will allow the car to park itself, drive itself of highways, and be summoned in a private parking lot.

Along with other functionalities, the Tesla includes 4G LTE that allows users to connect to its inbuilt wifi hotspot. With the large tablet in the center, you can check your email, and surf the internet. The entire tablet is powered by a Nvidia Tegra X.


The design of the Model X also has very innovative choices. The windshield curves around immersing the driver in the road. The doors open up in a falcon design. It allows for great access into the back seat and middle seat areas.

The Model X is now available to order with deliveries starting Summer of 2016 for people who order now.

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