Lenovo introduced a phone named the Phab 2 Pro. This phone includes project Tango. This is the first consumer phone that has Project Tango. This phone was created in close collaboration with Google. This project started in January 2015. The phone has 4 cameras, one front cam, one regular back camera, a depth sensor, and motion tracking camera. It is also the first phone to support Dolby 5.1 Audio Capture. The phone has a 4000 mah battery. The phone will be only $499 unlocked, and sold globally.

phab 2 pro


Project Tango is aiming to learn what’s around you. It combines depth sensors and area learning to enable users to make decisions like, “What curtains will fit best?” Lowes had an app where they could place furniture and accessories virtually in the room. Project Tango is also being renamed into Tango. This is difficult to understand until you actually see it in action:

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