Hello everyone! I think I have figured out a direction for this website. Along with a blog, I will be adding this in a central database where everyone can sort through find out the best services/products in tech. It will be community driven like Wikipedia, and it will launch in a few months. More details to come soon! For now….

CategoryNetflixAmazon Prime VideoHulu (Free)Hulu (Plus)Sling.tvPlayStation Vue
Live TVNoNoNoNoYesYes
On Demand StreamingYesYesYesYesYesYes
Price$8.99/Month$99/Year (with other perks.)$0$7.99/Month$20/Month$50/Month
Channels for Live Streamingn/an/an/an/aESPN, AMC, Food Network, Disney, A&E, TNT, HBO (addon), History...CBS, Fox, Cartoon Network, NBC, Comedy Central, FX, MTV...
App CompatibalityUniversalMostly universal with exception of Apple TV, and Chromecast.None, only onlineUniversalMostly universal with exception of Apple TV.Only on Playstation, Mobile Phones, and Computers
On Demand ContentYes! Lots of it. Yes! Lots of it.Yes! But with ads.Yes! But with ads. Yes! Very limited, however. Yes! Very limited however.

My personal favorite is Netflix. However, if you need live TV, Sling is a good competitor.

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