If you’re reading this post, I assume you have a virus eating at your computer! 🙂 No worries. This post will show you how to rid your computer of the virus.

Level 3 Infiltration: (Find definitions of levels here.)

This post covers the high level of infiltration.

In this level, the computer can not boot to the OS to load a an AV. (Def: Anti-Virus)

In order to solve this, you have boot into a Live CD.  Live CD’s are not to common in virus-removal, however, they are extremely effective and my method of choice for removal for deep infiltration.

Download an ISO file here:


Burn the ISO to the disc by using the Microsoft wizard. Double click on ISO to follow instructions to burn it.

Put the CD into the affected computer and boot into it by choosing it in the BIOS. Many times, it is already pre-chosen.

Follow the onscreen instructions to clean the computer and rid it of all the viruses and bugs!

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