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Category Spotify(Free) Spotify(Premium) Pandora(Free) Pandora(Premium) Songza/Google Play Music(Free) Google Play Music All Access Apple Music(Free) Apple Music(Premium) Amazon Prime Music Rdio(Free) Rdio(Premium)
Cost Free $9.99/Month Free $4.99/Month Free $9.99/Month Free $9.99/Month $99/year (has lots of extra perks besides this!) Free $3.99/Month (Select)
$9.99/Month (Unlimited)
Number of Songs 30 Million 30 Million 1 Million 1 Million 20 Million 20 Million “Millions” “Millions” Over 1 Million 35 Million 35 Million
Bitrate 320 Kbps 320 Kbps 64 K (AAC+) 192 Kbps 320 Kbps 320 Kbps 256 Kbps 256 Kbps 320 Kbps Not Specified 320 Kbps
Can you download for offline Listening? No Yes No No No Yes No Yes Yes No (25 for select plan)

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