Premiere Tutorial: Starting Up and Creating a Sequence #2

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January 23, 2016
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Here’s the 2nd post of my Premiere Pro tutorial series. In this post, I will be showing you how to start-up your project.

The first step is to open up Premiere Pro. When the software is loading, you will be greeted with a screen like this:


The version I am using is the CC 2015. This is the newest version.

Next, once it is fully loaded, you will see the welcome screen. Under the new tab, click new project, or if you already have one, click open.

new project

Once you have the project created Premiere Pro will ask you to choose the settings for the entire movie/video. The main thing to change is the name of the project file and location.

new project opening screen

Next, you will see the screen below. This is the main workspace of Premiere Pro.

main area

Right now, we do not have any timelines or sequences set up. To set one up, you will have to import one of your clips. While you do this, it is important to import the clip that has the highest resolution. (don’t know what that means? read my first tutorial here.)

To import a clip double-click on the project section of the window. It is located in the bottom left and says, “Import media to start.” Alternatively, you can hit Ctrl-I to import your footage.

When you import any footage into Premiere Pro, it does not mess up any of the original footage, so you are not at risk of ruining  your original footage.

create a new sequence

In the image above, I have imported one media file.

To create your first sequence, you have to left click the footage and drag it into the ‘paper-like’ icon on the bottom right hand corner of the bin. It is circled in the image below.

create a new sequence

After you drag it there, it will create a sequence and timeline for you and put the first clip there:


That’s it! You have just created your first sequence! In the next post, I will cover how to manipulate video and footage to get it in the exact order and length you want.

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