This post continues the 5 part saga of Windows 10 VS iOS VS Android. This post focuses on the design part of the operating system.


Windows 10 Mobile takes on a unique design language. Microsoft is trying to move away from the dreaded Metro UI and evolving into a more sophisticated UI design scheme. The home screen is covered with tiles, rather than icons. Also, the screen moves vertically, rather than a typical horizontal manner. In my opinion, it looks beautiful and will evolve into something amazing.


After lollipop last year, Material design is really taking shape. Though it is beautiful, I think Google can do something intuitive with the home screen. Material Design is filled with tons bright colors. Also, the design language is carefully integrated into most apps.


iOS 7 brought a new colorful design language with consistency and the subtlest animations that add to simplicity of iOS. With iOS 9, Siri takes on a whole new coat with a rainbow-like effect. iOS scales extremely well across the different screen sizes, and paired with its vast app ecosystem, it offers the best experience visually.

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