This post is a continuation of the week-long series, Windows VS iOS VS Android. This post covers special features on the platforms:

Windows 10:

Windows 10 Mobile has 2 special features: Continium and Windows Hello



Continum turns your smartphone into a full fledged computer. Using a display adapter, you connect a monitor to get a Windows 10-Like experience. It’s not exactly the same because it can only run ARM apps, not X86 apps.

Windows Hello


This feature allows you to unlock your phone with a scan of your retina. According to Microsoft, even your twin couldn’t fool it.

These two features are nice, however they require specific flagships to make any use of them.


Google Now On Tap


Google Now On Tap is a contextual service that allows you to ask questions based on what is on your screen right now.


iOS Homekit


HomeKit allows you to control many smart home devices from a centralized location.


3D Touch

3D touch allows the user to push harder on the screen to access different sub-menus.

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